Blog to the Stones 5

July 5, 2019 / Nev Davies (FRCS) – Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

July 2019 So its under 2 weeks to go and things are hotting up …. 33c on Saturday eeekkk..I’m just really keen to get it underway now but am still a little apprehensive about the second part of the race. I had a great planning evening with our good friend Steve Brown, who is going to be part of my support crew for the big day. An accomplished athlete, Steve brings some really good advice for race day and will be with Lauren in the car meeting up along the route, filling up water bottles and my jelly baby stash and most importantly keeping my spirits up. There is lots to plan (lists a plenty) – carbo loading, nutrition, hydration, music, tracking devices, pit stops, poles or no poles, medical kit, socks, chaffing cream ! We Sellotaped the route together blow and it looks fantastic although a little long…


Training has ticked along nicely and I’m truly tapering now – spinning the legs over with 5-15km short runs and practicing getting into my stock 6min per Km pace. My calf has settled – it does occasionally knot up but I’ve been stretching and strengthening it as much as I can in spare moments during the day.

I had a lovely run out from Nettlebed along the Ridgeway towards the start of the race and ran through the famous – ‘field of dreams’ below – it was truly magnificent and I’m looking forward to seeing all the highlights of the Ridgeway along the route.


Sponsorship is slowly increasing (massive thanks to all those kind people who have supported me already) We are up to £3700 of a target of £5000 – If you haven’t already please visit my just going page and donate:

I know I can get the final push on and smash my £5K target.I’ve learnt so much preparing for this crazy challenge and I hope to share it all with my final Blog after it’s over !!

The challenge is well and truly on…… Teaming up with @RBHCharity – I’m aiming to raise as much money as possible to go towards the COAT fund and a new Children’s Surgical Outpatients Department at The Royal Berkshire Hospital. In Trauma & Orthopaedics last year we saw just over 12,000 children through our clinics, and unfortunately the environment we see these patients in is just not as good as it could be.

Please help us make a difference to our local children…

Ps: My Gladiator Moment a week or so ago…‘At my signal… Unleash hell !!…’


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