Blog to the Stones 4

June 12, 2019 / Nev Davies (FRCS) – Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon


When I thought it couldn’t get any more bonkers, I’m writing this with the worst DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) I have ever had. More of that to come. I’m still happy though as when I last wrote this blog things we looking pretty grim on the running front. My calf tear (ok grade 1 sprain) settled fairly quickly as I wore a walker boot with a couple of heel lifts in to take the pressure off for the first few days. It was pretty challenging dong a knee replacement in a boot but we got there ! I did as many calf raises as I dared to keep the muscle stretched and prevent it healing in a tight position. The wearing of ‘the boot’ also coincided rather ironically with the staff excellence awards evening at the Town hall. I was so chuffed to win the Charity award, but it did feel a bit odd hobbling up onto the stage, when my nomination video had just explained I was 6 weeks away from a 100Km ultramarathon !! The evening was truly inspiring to see so many of the hidden people who make our hospital and organisation so good, get recognition for all the hard work they put in. I had no idea we had a mattress team at RBH, but what a great bunch of people, who are every bit as important as any Doctor, nurse or manager. They thoroughly deserved their award, as did all the other winners and nominees. It was lovely to meet Heather our new Charity director at RBH.


Slowly the leg started to ease and I moved to trainers with a jelly heel pad, similar to those I would prescribe to a sporty youngster with Sever’s apophysitis. Growth plate inflammation related heel pain.

During half term, Lauren my wife was participating in the London to Paris Charity cycle with a team from RBH Maternity. She left early on the Saturday and myself, the boys and my mum went to meet her in EuroDisney for a mini break.


I managed a 5k plod one morning around the EuroDisney complex and a couple of late night trips to the gym for an indoor cycle.

After returning home from a great trip with Mickey Mouse and Friends I had a 4 day weekend on call to get through which tested out my leg a fair bit !

The highlight of the following week was the cake sale organised by the CAT5 team which raised a whopping £260 towards the fund. My massive thanks to Judi Passmore and all her team of bakers.


And so to this last weekend – a fantastic Camping trip to the Cotswolds to take on a trial marathon (the first half of) the Heineken ‘Race to the Tower’ !!


It was a cold, wet and early start on a farm just outside Stroud as I set off in Wave A of the ‘Race to the Tower’. My plan was a breakthrough 50km run, but with the calf injury I had decided before I set off I would just be happy to finish it. It was a great atmosphere despite the weather and we set off in good spirits. I had the chance to test out all my kit ideas and everything seemed to work well. I had taped my toes with ‘compeed’ type blister plasters which worked well and the extra 2 sizes in my trainers gave my feet plenty of breathing space. The pit stops along the way and support was fantastic and it was great to see my family a good few times during the morning.

The Cotswold way is pretty unforgiving with lots and lots of ups and a fair few downs. The elevation was ridiculous over 1,200 meters and I had to powerwalk a fair bit of it. At the finish it was great to have the boys run the last 100m in and I was very surprised and chuffed to find I was the first finisher of the day 1 marathon !! 4hours 17mins was my time – spot on for 6min/km pace. However, the thought of another 58Km after finishing isn’t worth thinking about just yet, but I was just really pleased to finish well and the calf held out. I’m battling the DOMS now at day 3. It is finally fading and I’m looking forward to my last push of training with 32 days to go. I have a planning evening teed up with our good friend Steve Brown, who is going to be part of my support crew for the big day. Sponsorship is slowly increasing (massive thanks to all those kind people who have supported me already) We are up to £1800 of a target of £5000 – If you haven’t already please visit my just going page and donate:

So the challenge is well and truly on! Teaming up with @RBHCharity, I’m aiming to raise as much money as possible to go towards the COAT fund and a new Children’s Surgical Outpatients Department at The Royal Berkshire Hospital. In Trauma & Orthopaedics last year we saw just over 12,000 children through our clinics, and unfortunately the environment we see these patients in is just not as good as it could be.

Please help us make a difference to our local children.


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